a day with the horses in Normandy - MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME

[blank]Here in our little valley we are not that far from Deauville, and it makes a nice day out to drive there for lunch and a quick flutter on the races, followed, if the season is right by a polo match.[blank]

[blank]I love going to the races en famille.  We are not experts on form or breeding, but it is fun to watch the line up before each race, then pick a name that sounds promising before placing a small bet.  Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, no matter, it’s taking part that is fun.[blank]
The polo grounds are in the centre of the racecourse, so it’s easy to move from one to the next.
Once inside the mood and the tempo change.  The horses still as stunning, but the action is totally different.[blank]
[blank]The polo matches attract a different crowd,[blank]
[blank] more chic …  more restrained,
 more champagne less coca-cola  …. if you see what I mean.[blank]

[blank]This is surely the only situation where elegantly dressed ladies are happy to use their  pretty shoes to flatten turf in between chukkas![blank]

[blank]how about you?  do you have a favourite venue for a family day out?[blank]


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