dahlias - the new peony? - MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME
With the garden remodelling we have started this year, I was determined to include many dahlias for autumn colour and of course for cutting.[blank]
Next week I’ll be showing you my favourite varieties, but for now here is my brightest star, cut and popped into an old fashioned pudding bowl as a vase![blank]
I bought the tuber for this dahlia quite by chance.  In a local supermarket, late in the planting season, they had thrown together all the unsold bulbs and I happily sorted a few.[blank]
This baby produced such stunning blooms that I was careful to lift the tuber at the end of the year, and label carefully before storing in our wine cellar, away from the frost.[blank]
When I pulled it out in spring it was big enough to divide into four separate plants, so this year I’ll have plenty of blooms.[blank]


[blank]I just love the gentle colour of the petals and
 their texture and generosity ….
so I ask you:  is the dahlia the peony of autumn?[blank]


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