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[blank]Visitors to our cottage often comment about how we seem to have more time in France;  about how we know how to savour the moment, to enjoy life, to sort our priorities ……  and all of that is true I think, but even when you take your time, and savour the moment, you still have a list of things waiting to be seen to.
I think a lot about being busy … the pros and cons, the subjectiveness of the word ‘busy’.
As a mum to 4 children I have been quite busy for the past twenty years or so, and of course I love it that way.
When the youngest son hit thirteen, and I could see the whole empty-nest syndrome creeping up on me, I started my blog without really knowing where it may take me, but knowing that it was time I tried to reinvent myself and that a blog may be a good way to start the process ….
Three years down the road and here I am again … busy … no, let’s make that very busy.   Writing here nearly every day, taking my pictures, welcoming guests to our cottage and hosting brocante clients is a lot to juggle with family life.[blank]
[blank]Inevitably there are days when I drop into bed thinking that I got the work/family life off balance.  Days when I know that dinner was a rushed affair because I simply ran out of time to prepare anything better;  days when I would have loved to go out for a ride with my daughter because I know she’ll be leaving home soon and then we’ll no longer have so many opportunities; days when I can feel the dogs staring at me “has she forgotten how much we love to walk in the forest?!” …. you know what I mean.
My family is generous with me.  They encourage me in all I do, and for that I am very grateful.  The only time they complain is when I stress and try to spread that stress around the house – that they will not take,  and they are right.[blank]
[blank]And so I was wondering how you managed?
I know that among my many talented  and dynamic readers there are very very many of you juggling with children, managing your home, entertaining your friends and running your business.
Are you very organised with a strict schedule that you stick to unfailingly, or do you set yourself a ton of goals to aim for, thinking that if you only cover a tenth of them it will still be a good day’s work?
Do you rely on the support of your family to get where you are going, or does your work and agenda always come after other demands are sorted?
Do tell me, I’d love to know:)[blank]


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