patina, old shutters .... and me! - MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME
[blank]What is it with shutters and doorways, that they look so much more beautiful with a little patina?[blank]
[blank]Is it just the passage of time?
Is it comforting to see they have been in place for longer than us?
Or is it simply a colour thing, that makes them look better as their tones fade and blend, instead of being too uniform and pristine?[blank]
[blank] Or, if we are really honest, is it  deeper than that?
Could  our love of patina simply be an eagerness to believe that the passing of time can be kind?
 That imperfections adds character?
That when we see an object ageing well, looking more beautiful with time, softer round the
edges, we are happy to think that the same rules may apply to us?[blank]
[blank]Of course this is just a collection of pictures of old doors and shutters.  Part of a library of beauty that I have constituted over the years.    Great examples of patina.  But sometimes it’s good to stop and think about the beauty behind the image.[blank]

[blank]Today I am joining in with Marsha’s party at Splenderosa.  If you’d like to see what other bloggers are thinking about patina, just pop across to join us.[blank]


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