the naked chair - a good idea? - MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME
[blank]Naked chairs are flying off the shelves here in France; I find myself drawn towards them like a magnet, until that is I need to use them in the home …
There is nothing very mysterious about them, just a nice shaped antique  chair with its upholstery removed (fingers crossed for what you’ll find beneath).  But the baring of the original shape and the neutral colours of the jute and old linen undercover are somehow very touching. [blank]
As if the chair was showing us its soul.[blank]

[blank]Nina Hartmann uses naked chairs to great effect in her books and has certainly helped promote the trend, but I remain perplexed.

[blank]The truth is that jute is uncomfortable, and that an undressed chair is full of dust.  No matter how much you hoover and brush, it is difficult to give it a comfortable feel.
Last week I found several undressed, or ready to be so, chairs, and am working out how to use them here.  I pulled out this picture that I took during the summer while at the Domaine de la Baume.
 I love this sofa, undressed then covered only for the front and seat, leaving the tuft ties showing through the jute at the back.[blank]
[blank]So before I finally commit myself, I’ll be experimenting with fabrics and effects, no doubt with Ghetto’s generous input.[blank]
 [blank]But before I get out the nails and scissors, I wondered … are you using undressed chairs in your home, do you like them ?   and what do think of the half covered look?[blank]
Do tell me please, you know how I love to know![blank]


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