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small potatoes ready for baking

All those of us in the colder parts of the norther hemisphere have got to that really nitty gritty part of the winter where the wind is cold, the mud is thick and boots a necessity.  Oh yes, and where the dogs are dirtier than you ever thought possible.

tinh potatoes in paper bag

So what is the best way to deal with this damp grey month when you live in the country?

winter vegetables

Of course, if I had rashly made any new year’s resolutions then I’d be doing my best to stick to them and probably be spending most of my time at the gym or outdoors with the dogs.

potatoes and meat for lunch

However, I was not in resolution mode this year, and therefore have no issues  with the idea of spending a sunday in front of the fire, of sharing a lovely meal with those I love most and just enjoying the smaller, but oh so significant bits of everyday life.

chocolate mousse with ingredients

A good meal, a quick stroll up to the field to feed the horse is always on the schedule at some point, but for the rest of the day, there is a charmingly liberating lack of urgency.

A permission to do very little, which in today’s world does a great deal of good.  Time to read, to chat over a shared meal, to share the preparation of that meal

red wine in glass with baguette

So I hope that today, you too, manage to make a little time for yourself and for those around you.  To forget about the crazy schedule we all seem to create for ourselves all week long, and to focus on the small things.

The important stuff.


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