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roses and foxgloves arranged in antique vases

I found these two 1930’s ‘barbotine’ vases in a fair near here last April.   They are both slightly chipped and each has a couple of hairline cracks, but I really don’t mind.

The shape of a vase is often what define the shape of a bouquet.  As soon as I saw these two, with their tall cylindrical form, and soft happy colours, I knew that they would be ideal for foxgloves and roses in June.

roses and foxgloves arranged in antique vases

Some of my foxgloves get blown over in the garden; a strong gust of wind and they bend at the base and simply lie down.  I used to straighten them and tie them to a bamboo support, but now, if they are not about to be walked over, I leave them lying and within a few days, they point back to the sky, diverting their flower spears from horizontal back to vertical, giving me  some lovely curved foxgloves that are ideal for adding a little volume to a bouquet.

roses and foxgloves arranged in antique vases

So today, as the foxgloves are nearly over, I picked a few curved branches, along with roses, a peony, some lady’s mantle, a few sprigs of cerinthe and some of the secondary blooms from my lupins.  Its the sort of bouquet I like best, the one that just comes together as you wander around the garden with a secateurs and a basket.

Sunday flowers, from me to you.

roses and foxgloves arranged in antique vases


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