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loot shoot in the garden with gibson and ghetto

I host a good many wonderful brocante buyers here.  There are the group tours where my guests are looking for an introduction to buying French antiques,  and the professional buying tours where experienced buyers work fast to fill a container of goodies to take home for their store.

details from brocante buying tour

But this week I am having a new and rather lovely experience as I host Sarah and Tom who are looking for furnishings for their home renovation.

Sarah writes the blog European Farmhouse Charm, where she shares her pleasure in decorating her home, along with a little help from her husband!


details from brocante buying tour

I first met Sarah and Tom as guests on one of my September tours a couple of years ago.  Then they were furnishing and renovating a small house in Pebble Beach, which has since been sold  complete with fixtures and fittings!

barn in trees

Their current project is even more exciting as they have bought a barn house with enough land to grow grapes and produce their own wine.   Renovations on the barn house have begun, and they have plans to create a winery venue that may become a family business.   If you love renovation projects you should check out Sarah’s blog and watch the progress.

They are looking for furniture and accent pieces for the home and the garden.  I thought you may like to see where we go and what they buy.    This is what they bought today – a pretty cool haul I’d say…..  The pup was on special offer.

loot shoot in the garden with ghetto

Tomorrow will see us at dawn in a huge fair, and everyday until Friday we’ll be buying non-stop at fairs and at dealers.

You can keep up with us on instagram, and I’ll try to post some more loot shoots before their trip is done.

fox terrier ghetto in bathtub


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