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I’ve always loved the saying “it’s amazing how much good the outside of a horse does to the inside of a man”, or woman in this case …

Feeling weary from all the sad news over the weekend , I decided to saddle our pony on Sunday afternoon and head up to the forest for a dose of fresh air, autumn colour, and some special time with a horse who can bring a very unique sort of comfort

What is it about the outside of a horse?  That smell, that gentleness, that strength, the soft muzzle, the curious nose sniffing my pockets checking for a carrot or an apple …..

Our pony is called Iris, he’ll turn 20 next year and has been part of the family for the past twelve years.  When he first joined us, he was quite a handful and would regularly throw  anyone who ventured up on to his back …. we all limped for a while but we still loved him.

At the age of 10 he decided that throwing his riders was no longer cool and he took to running away instead, much more fun!  …. we got over that phase too, and yes we still loved him.

Today he is an angel, living an easy life in a field with a great view and a happy companion.  Over the years many a secret has been whispered into his hairy ear, and he has kept them all safely, content to share our joys and our fears.

Yesterday, he was pretty surprised to see me turn up with a saddle, but after a quick brush down, and a lengthening of the girth (ahem!) we set off for a  quiet ride that took my mind off everything else and helped me to see a little clearer.  You can see him enjoying his reward on instagram.

And while Iris failed to come up with a solution for world peace, or the right words to comfort families in mourning, he did remind me yet again of the importance of keeping our eyes open to beauty, and taking the time to share the positive.

I must thank everyone for the messages over the weekend, you are the most amazing readers.   Thank you for reassuring me that maintaining this blog is also a way of fighting the madness.

Sometimes you just need to get back to the basics, and renew your belief in humanity.  Stay safe and spend special time with those you love.

horse looking over fence


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