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café restaurant in parisWe all like to have lunch with a girlfriend now and again right? …  there is something in the camaraderie of a girl’s lunch that is totally different to other occasions.   So much to talk about, to laugh about, so much to share.

I don’t lunch with friends every day, not even every week actually, so when I do I love to find the right place where we’ll be comfortable, un-hurried and relaxed.

Sometimes I go for the restaurant of a hotel, simply for the whole ‘haven of peace’ atmosphere.  Sometimes a country restaurant with small tables tucked in to the shade of trees, and sometimes I like to test a restaurant that I’ve heard a lot about, and that is known for great people watching, or fantastic food … or both!

If you sit down for a long lunch at a restaurant in Paris, the waiter will generally understand pretty soon that there is no urgency about your meal.  He’ll sense that you do not need to rush through a quick plat du jour, swallow a café and get back to the office.  He’ll probably breathe a quiet sigh of relief to know that you won’t mind if he lets you wait between courses, and that you’ll be happy to linger over a coffee or two.


That is just the sort of place that I look for, good food, good service and great décor.

I’ll soon be bringing you news of my step-by-step around Paris series, but in the meantime here is a restaurant that I enjoyed last week,  in the company of my friend Vicki Archer actually, and which ticks all the boxes.  An address to hang on to for your next trip here.

Les Editeurs is in the heart of St Germain and is all about eating well and feeling comfortable.   The décor is rich and cosy, red velvet chairs, walls lined with books (Les Editeurs means the Publishers) , a good Parisian buzz to the place where the home grown clientèle mixes happily with visitors from afar.

The first floor is purely restaurant, while the ground floor is a mix of café, restaurant and bar – very charming.

And if you’ve ever been to Paris, I’d love to know, what was your favourite address for a meal, or your most lasting memory of a place you visited?

clients seated outside a restaurant in paris


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