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  • painting of woman in front of mirror

painting of woman in front of mirror

Since I started making the MFCH lifestyle videos, I have had to come to terms with the idea of being seen on a screen.  Not an easy process, believe me.   I’ve never liked photos of myself, and always prefer to be the one behind the camera in family shots, but for the videos, as my daughters pointed out so eloquently, I had to “get over myself”.

It’s all a question of ego and perception.  We have such a selective, and often erroneous, image of the way other people see us that it is hard to face up to how we really look.

And of course in today’s world when most photos in magazines are photo-shopped, its easy to lose sight of what it is really like to grow older.

I would love to say that  I don’t mind about my wrinkles, and that they are just part of growing older gracefully….. but the truth is otherwise.

Actually, in today’s world of selfies, photoshop and eternal youth I really do mind about looking older, and although I haven’t ever knocked at the door of a cosmetic surgeon, or even requested a ‘sprinkling’ of botox from my closest specialist, I am certainly more careful than ever before with my beauty and make up routine.

It all comes down to our definition of truth.  Or  maybe our definition of the importance of truth, or maybe even more simply to our bank balance, and whether we can afford to do all that we would like to do in the way of beauty and ‘maintenance’.

And sometimes our self-image is not only the one we see on a screen or on a photo that hurts the most, but it is the one that we see in the eyes of people we meet; like a new contact in a work situation, who has “wow, didn’t think she’d look that old” written all over their face.  I know, I’ve been there, and believe me it’s the quickest way to wipe out a girl’s self-confidence.

And today I am wondering how you feel about this, and whether you talk about it with your friends, or whether you worry about it, or whether you are embracing every wrinkle on your face as the outward sign of a rich and well-lived life.

I, in the meantime, have been filming and editing all weekend and I have loved every minute of it.  The new video will be published here at the beginning of the week , wrinkles and all, …. I hope you like it.

image – woman in front of a mirror by Mose Bianchi



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