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  • early morning mist over the river
  • table styled by Jeni Maus of Found Rentals,

table styled by Jeni Maus of found rentals,

You may have seen from my Instagram that I am hosting Jeni Maus of Found Vintage Rentals for a few days as she tours France buying for her company.

I could wax long about Jeni and her incredible talent …. she started Found Rentals just six years ago and thanks to her sure eye, her endless energy and deep rooted professional integrity she has made many people very happy as they browse her amazing  catalogue and pick out  furniture and accessories  for their very special day.  The picture above is from an event that she designed and created earlier this month – stunning!

So many people have written to me asking about how  a professional buying tour works that I thought you may like to know what we have been up to.  Jeni has shopped with me before, so we know each other well and as soon as she arrives we get straight down to business.

When my professional clients come here to shop, time is money, and it is my job to ensure that each day is used to its full, visiting fairs and dealers and finding the sort of treasure that fits best to the clients needs.


This requires planning and preparation and a knowledge of the client’s style and wish list.  Once  I know what they are after, I alert local dealers and by the time the buying tour starts a lot of the sourcing is already done.

Most  professional buyers are experienced; they make rapid and carefully balanced choices.   They know how far they can stretch their budget and also know how much they can afford to pay for each piece if it is to be sold or rented out at home.   My role here is to help them with negotiation, translation and sometimes some advice on styles and designs.


Our days start early especially if we go to a fair.   As often as possible, purchases are collected by the transporter directly,  but some stuff is stored until the tour is over and the final pieces rounded up and taken to the shipper.

Every item is listed,  photographed and labelled.  This is very time consuming but vitally important to the shipper and also to the client who won’t be seeing her treasure again for at least two months.

When we shop in Normandy, buyers generally stay here in our guest cottage, and if we head further afield we find a cute little hotel or B&B.     Lunch is often a quick snack on the move, but dinner is a time to unwind, to dissect the day and plan for the morrow.

We may cover a lot of ground on a buying tour, but we’ll always find time to pull over to take a picture, or take a detour to visit a particularly pretty village.  It would be a shame to come all the way to Normandy without going home with a head full of beautiful images as well as a cargo of beautiful treasure.

early morning mist over the river

I am grateful that this blog has led me in so many unexpected directions, and these buying tours are part of that.   It’s not only a privilege to work with such great professionals, but also wonderful to add a very human element which contrasts with my daily work,  in front of a screen writing and editing.

The next leg of Jeni’s tour takes us to the South of France, so if you want to keep up with us along the way, check in to our instagram accounts   Jeni’s is  HERE and mine is HERE.





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