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  • desktop with watch , roses and agenda
  • desktop with watch , roses and agenda
  • desktop with watch , roses and agenda

desktop with watch , roses and agenda

It may be the passing of the years, or the urgency created by  living with abundant social media, but I find that I am increasingly preoccupied with time, and how I manage it ….. or don’t

There is the time that is counted on an hourly basis, the simple challenge to fit into one day all that we want to get done, and then there is the list of ‘things’ that we still hope to achieve, given time .  Our bigger wish list, our aims, our targets.

Maybe , and without becoming melodramatic, I’m simply coming to terms with my own mortality – such a bore!  I’m increasingly aware of the importance of keeping in shape, and looking after my health …. there is still so much I want to do!  So much fun to be had!

It may be part of the reinvention process.   From having been a very hands on mom for twenty years, with an agenda that was buttoned down weeks ahead,
I now revel in the way I can use my time as I wish.    I’m working hard, and I aim to be creative and productive every day, but on my terms: my game, my rules.

desktop with watch , roses and agenda

My Mum always used to say to me, “If you want something done, ask a busy woman”.   Meaning that someone who has a heavy schedule is probably capable of squeezing in a little more because she, or he, is by necessity expert at time management.

And without saying that I’m particularly good at organising my time, (a fact amply proved by the fact that I am typing out this blogpost on a sunday, instead of being out in the forest with the dogs!) I do notice that the days when my to-do list are most ambitious, I am often able to squeeze in one extra thing at the beginning of the day because I know that I am so fired up that it will all get done in the end.

So I was wondering how you all manage your time.  I guess quite a few of my readers still have children at home, or are maybe enjoying their first grandchildren.   Is time management a learning curve at any stage of life?    Do you resent demands on your time from those around you, or are you simply happy to adapt?   Or maybe you have had such a busy and demanding career that you are thrilled to take it easy …. do tell.

desktop with watch , roses and agenda



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