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jars of quince jelly with label

If ever I am caught short without a small gift for an unexpected lunch invite, or just to make a friend smile, I like to  gift a pot of home made jam or jelly.

This time of the year in Normandy, is the best time for making quince jelly, we find them at the market, but more often are simply given a box full by a friend with a huge quince tree in her garden.  I love quince, it is a fruit I had never tasted before coming to live in France, and my husband’s grandmother gave me her recipe.

quince and apple ready to cook

It looks like a huge pear and is rock hard and tasteless when raw, but once cooked it turns a lovely pink colour and makes a delicious breakfast jelly.

So this week, when caught short with an unexpected lunch invite with a girlfriend, I picked a jar of jelly and painted a very simple leaf to represent the autumn colours all around us right now.

jars o quince jelly on a tray

If you’ve seen me make seed packets for friends, you’ll know that I don’t believe that these little watercolours have to be technically perfect.  It is more about having fun, and taking a few minutes to make a tiny pretty touch to match the equally tiny gift.

Keeping it simple, and keeping it real.  Wishing you all a lovely weekend, thank you for reading me.

jar of jelly with dahlia




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