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food on top of la cornue stove

There are some brands that are so prestigious and steeped in tradition and savoir faire that they become icons in their own time.

La Cornue is just one such brand.    Created just over 100 years ago, their cooking ranges are legendary for their size and their quality.


When we shot the photos for my book, a couple of my girlfriends had La Cornue ranges in their kitchen, and it certainly helped the aesthetics of our photo shoots!

One of my favourite aspects of cooking on a range like this is the hot plate, generally centre stage to the hob that allows you to play with the heat simply by moving pots closer or further from the centre.

taking food from the oven of a La Cornue stove

Cooking ranges like this are not about fast food, or salads.  They are about loving to cook, treating the range as the heart of the kitchen and taking time to learn how to make the most of its cooking capacity.


We are at last replacing our kitchen at the beginning of the new year, and although we don’t have the space for a big château-sized range, we’re looking forward to using one of their more compact models and to see how it changes the character of the kitchen.








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