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snowdrops in the garden

Spring really is just around the corner now and I am very excited about a special event that I’ll tell you about in just a minute…..   First though I have to say that the snowdrops in my garden are in full bloom, and the daffodils only need a day or two before they open up bright yellow and I can hardly wait to get back out there and start planning and hoping all over again.

Don’t you think this early spring in the garden is one of the best moments?!    Full of promise, and potential, and wishes and good resolutions.  This is the moment when a gardener like me sees the year ahead full of colour and blooms and overflowing beds;   when you can almost taste the fresh tomatoes that will surely grow in the potager and when the perfume of the roses climbing up the barn wall is already real, where your basket of picked flowers feels heavy in your hand.

mixed border in the morning sun


But actually the garden is not a place to be enjoyed alone.  Gardeners are renowned for sharing their pleasure, for learning from each other.  When they’re not comparing notes, then they are taking cuttings for a friend or dividing bulbs for a neighbour.    Produce from the kitchen garden tastes all the sweeter for being shared, and nobody can eat all the cherries or apples from a tree, it’s far better to spread the bounty!

But most of all, gardening is an art or a pastime or even a science where you never finish learning.  Every year I have new projects for my garden, and I regularly visit and revisit other gardens to gain inspiration and learn from their design.   And that is one of the things that I love so much about the garden, is that you can travel around the world, and meet people from all walks of life, and if they have a shared passions for gardens then you never run out of conversation.

And so it is that in just a few weeks time, I’ll be taking that love of gardens across the Atlantic to Omaha Nebraska where I am invited to speak at the Lauritzen Gardens Spring luncheon and arrange a few flowers.  I’m so looking forward to this event and to signing books and meeting the guests and hearing about gardening in their part of the world.    So if you are close enough to Omaha, and you’re free for lunch on Tuesday April 4th, then come along!   I’d love to say hello.   I’ll be signing copies of My Stylish French Girlfriends after the lunch too.

lauritzen garden guild omaha nebraska

I have a date in Dallas the week before, and  I’ll be able to give you the details on that very soon, so if you can’t make Omaha then maybe Texas is closer to your home.

spring flowers on a table


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