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  • peaches with rosemary and wine
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peaches with rosemary and wine

Summer is with us and tis the season for last minute invitations to dinner, and easy to prepare food.  This evening is just such a moment.  Friends invited late afternoon,  stuffed vegetables, meat on the grill and rosé wine in the evening sunshine.

We have the first peaches in season now, and I baked them with rosemary while laying the table.  Nothing could be easier.   Wash the peaches and pop them into a deep baking dish, or if you prefer a wide shallow pan.

peaches with rosemary and white wine

Cover with white wine (I used a whole bottle) and a generous slug of sugar.  Add two or three sprigs of fresh rosemary and bake or simmer until the peaches are soft and well cooked, but not falling apart.  I should say that a friend of mine makes this same recipe with basil instead of rosemary, and it is every bit as good.

At this point I remove the peaches from the pan, add a little more sugar to the juices which have turned pink, and simmer for about 15 minutes more until the sauce has reduced a little.  (You may want to check the sweetness of the sauce, which depends on the peaches and the wine you used)

I love to serve this with fresh ricotta flavoured with a little vanilla, or as this evening with nougat ice cream and an almond crumble to sprinkle over.

almond crumble

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, wherever you are and whatever the weather thank you for reading me

cherries in bowl


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