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  • Clean page for the year ahead

Clean page for the year ahead

Here in France the last week of August and the first week of September is so much more than just a couple of pages in the diary.

‘La Rentrée’, or ‘The Return’ is originally about the start of the new school year, but here it is also for many working people the return to their desk after their traditional August break; the re-opening of local stores that were closed during August; it is the time of year when TV News channels change their presenters; when national radios juggle their big names and even the new Government seems to be back on the job with new sun-tanned energy.

Do you remember being young at school, and that wonderful beginning of year feeling when your new pencil case was full of sharp pencils and shiny pens; when each exercise book was opened to a fresh new page, and your heart was full of optimism and generous resolutions about writing carefully, and avoiding spoiling the immaculate page with a word crossed through.

And for me, working at my desk in Normandy?   Well I no longer have the stress of a new school year to manage, and I’m certainly not involved in French national media or government – perish the thought! – but in my own quiet way I find this ‘back to work’ atmosphere quite contagious.

For me La Rentrée is all about returning to my desk with pleasure after a family break; it is about catching up with emails; looking forward to the month of September with my brocante tour clients and a big desire to tidy!

My desk is super clean and clear, I have roses from the garden beside my computer and samples of our items for the November Stylish French Box in baskets on the shelves beside me .

I have cleaned out my Inbox, got my paperwork up to date, and dare I say it I even tried to sort the way-too-numerous photos on my computer (that bit didn’t go so well, if anyone has a secret they’d like to share, I am listening!).

So I was wondering how it goes with you?   Wherever you are in the world, is this a moment for a fresh start?  Is September a time for good resolutions, or your own little rituals?  Please let us know, I’d love to hear …..


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