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And just supposing this year,  Santa was really really nice to you and slipped a 15th century French country home into your stocking?   Surely that’s not so much to ask?  …. I know that many of you like to dream about buying property in France, and here is something very special, that a friend of mine is selling.

This property was built between the 12th and 15th century, has seen knights in armor, simple farmers and regional lords.  Today it takes the form of a house and barns built in stone around a central garden, with lots of extra acreage beyond the fortified garden wall.

The buildings have been extensively renovated, because when our friends purchased thirty years ago, it was a ruin with no roof and trees growing inside the buildings.   It wasn’t until they started excavating the excess earth and vegetation that had piled up over the centuries that they discovered that what appeared to be a cow shed was actually a stunning chapel.

Today the property is a beautiful family home.  The main building comprises four bedrooms, two huge reception rooms, a kitchen, an underground wine cellar and a whole upper floor that has yet to be made into rooms.

Besides the chapel, the other buildings include one small storage building, and one large barn with an upper floor stretching above the entrance gate, which is used as a storage room today for the fruit from the garden.

Beyond the wall, lie an orchard of 50 fruit trees, a herb garden then fields and paddocks for a total area of 3.2 hectares.   Best of all this country house is only one hour from Paris, with easy access to the motorway.  The building is listed as a privately owned historical monument, which would give great scope to anyone wanting to develop an artistic or touristic activity here.

If you’d like more details just send me an email.   I can answer some of your questions, and then put you into direct contact with the owners.


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