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Every year at this time it’s the same debate – what colour for Christmas?   It’s not an earth shattering decision, the result will never affect world peace, or the curves of the stock market, but for me it is important.

Goodness knows I have decorated for many many christmasses.   I have boxes of decorations sorted by colour, size and style, but the colour of christmas is all about the mood.

This time last year saw me sending the last photos for my entertaining book to my publisher.   My friend and photographer Franck Schmitt and I had spent just over a year, imagining, styling and shooting tablescapes for all seasons and all settings.    We shot one Christmas in 2015, and then another – rather early – in October 2016.  One in red and white, and one in these gentle hues of pink, white and mauve.

Shooting out of season is always rather a surreal experience, as anyone who works in fashion or in magazines will know.   Not only do you have to get into the mood, you also need to find the props! I remember trying to explain to my butcher that I needed a large capon or turkey in the month of October “Mais Madame, vous etes beaucoup trop tot!   You are much too early, it’s not Christmas yet.

So here for you is a version of Christmas in our home,  a colour scheme I love.  It feels peaceful and gentle, and using fresh roses amid the traditional decorations adds some freshness to the holidays.   When they start to droop, its easy just to remove the rose heads and replace with a few new blooms.

And I’d love to know how the decorations work in your home?   Do you feel most comfortable using the same decorations each year, does your family dictate how you decorate, or do you also like to swap things around?   do let me know.

all photos by Franck Schmitt from the book

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