a country home – decorating with jenni at dear lillie

Continuing our series about country homes around the world, I am happy to introduce  you, or those of you who don’t already know her, to Jenni at the successful home decor blog Dear Lillie.    Jenni and her brother run an online store for home decor, and her eye for design and styling is truly inspirational.  l love the way that her home is so up to date with the latest trends, but yet still looks comfortable and welcoming   – What part of Virginia are you in and how would you...

a country home – christmas with charlotte anne fidler in england

Today I am excited to invite you to see another country home, this time in England.    We are visiting the beautiful home of Charlotte-Anne Fidler, creative director for glossy magazines around the world and  brand consultant, and who is also preparing another, exciting project that she’ll  announce soon: a  children’s brand….. watch this space!   I’m fascinated by the way very creative people live in their own homes: using all that creative energy all day for work,...

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