Frequently Asked Questions

by Emily Jackson
All your burning questions about the My French Country Home Digital Magazine, answered!

Click HERE to subscribe to the My French Country Home Digital Magazine! You can choose to subscribe for a year or just buy individual issues.

Don’t worry- it’s easy to do from within your reader account. Click HERE to learn how to change your email address or password for your Joomag account. If you are having problems or get locked out of your account, please contact Joomag directly and they will be able to help you!

The price of the magazine is set at $6.99 USD per issue, or $35.99 USD per year.

However, if you are based outside of the US, you will see an equivalent price in your home currency; this exchange rate is set by Joomag, our magazine host website.

Each magazine issue will be about 100 pages and full of content by different contributors, including Sharon herself. We have the work of some very talented writers, photographers, illustrators, artisans and more gracing the pages of each issue, so the content will be diverse and interesting.   We will never publish anything in the magazine that has already been seen on the blog.

The short answer is, anywhere! Your subscription will be available via your Joomag account on the Joomag website, as well as on the dedicated app.  Either on the website or on the app, you can easily read the magazine on any device.

New issues will be released every two months on the 15th of the month on Joomag.

(January, March, May, July, September, November)

Yes! You can purchase the hard copy of each issue by clicking into the digital issue and clicking the green button on the left that says “Order Print”.  You can also purchase it by clicking HERE and then clicking the HARD COPY button.

Please be aware that the price for a hard copy is the price for one (1) magazine. The prices are set by Joomag, our digital publishing platform, and reflect the cost of printing individual issues as opposed to traditional print magazines which are printed in bulk. We do not currently offer the magazine as a hard copy yearlong subscription.

After signing up with Joomag, you do have the option to purchase the hard copy instead of the digital copy by clicking the Hard Copy button HERE.

Absolutely! When subscribing, simply enter your friend or loved one’s name and email address and they will receive email updates whenever a new issue is published!   Please note that you’ll need to log out of your existing account to make this gift purchase, otherwise Joomag will tell you that you have already purchased the magazine!

Our magazine platform, Joomag, does not offer refunds on subscriptions that have already been paid. You can, however, remove your credit card information from your account- read more about how to do that HERE.

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Email us at [email protected]!