rugs in kitchens - your opinion please - MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME
[blank]I often see photos of beautiful kitchens with rugs on the floor, and think how much I’d like one here.[blank]
[blank] I love the look, but each time find myself wondering how 
practical it can be, especially in a busy house with
 dogs and lots of cooking going on.[blank]
[blank]Who better to ask than you!
Are they for decoration only, or is there a practical
 reason to lay a rug? [blank]
[blank]I’m sure that among my readers there are those that love rugs,
 those that hate them and those that like me like the idea 
but don’t quite dare ….[blank]
[blank]Here are some pictures that caught my eye, 
 found on Pinterest and elsewhere[blank]
[blank]are there any that you like?[blank]

[blank]tell me please, I’d love to know ![blank]


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