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[blank]Last weekend, a guest asked me to choose one element of French living that I appreciated above all else …[blank]
[blank]Before I had time to answer, he eagerly guessed at my reply:
 “Is it the wine? it has to be the chateaux? or maybe Paris …”[blank]
[blank]I smiled, because I knew my answer before he even finished asking the questions …
I think I’ve known it from the start ….[blank]
[blank]what I like best of all in French living is it’s simplicity;
  the lack of bling;
 the paring down to the essential, and seeing that essential suddenly look like the greatest luxury on earth.[blank]
[blank]Simple living feels calm, orderly and peaceful.
It leaves more time for the important stuff, for family and friends.

Time to savour the moment,

to enjoy, to relish.[blank]

[blank]and while simplicity in decor may look …well, simple to achieve,
it is actually a fine art, requiring a sure eye and heaps of self control[blank]

[blank][blank]thanks to Franck Bel for these beautiful pictures[blank]


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