loving my french dahlias - MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME
[blank]Today I continue on my crusade to win you all over to the humble dahlia.  And no, before you ask, I am not paid to write this piece by a Royal Order of Dahlia Producers, or anybody else actually – just wanting to share my new found love for this old-fashioned flower.[blank]
[blank]The photos are of some of the dahlias in my garden this year.  I just love the way you can bury the bulbs in April and let them do their thing – a sort of ‘launch and forget’ plant!  [blank]
[blank]The only vital care is to provide strong tutors to prevent the heavy heads bringing the plants down to the ground.[blank]
[blank]I have my favourites, but as you can see from the first picture, it takes all sorts to create a bouquet, and the smaller varieties are certainly most useful for that.[blank]
[blank]Voila!  So tell me, have I converted you?  And do they grow well in your part of the world?
Tell me please, I’d love to know :)[blank]


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