sunday in my garden and dahlias on steroids - MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME
[blank]”Oh my goodness!  Are these dahlias on steroids?!!”  …[blank]
…. those were the first words pronounced by my girlfriend as she got out of her car here on Thursday.  Haven’t see the dear girl for two years and instead of falling into my open arms and asking how I am, she stood speechless – well almost – in front of my bed of dahlias![blank]
[blank] This my friends is what happens when you plant dahlias, without checking their predicted height or size – you find yourself living in a dahlia jungle!!
And that is why this blog and my instagram  and my facebook are all dahlia-rich at the moment.[blank]

[blank] We have dahlias all over the house, no friend leaves here without a big bouquet in their arms and it looks like it will be this way until the first frosts …[blank]

[blank]… and during the winter they will be lifted from the ground, carefully labelled and stored in the wine cellar until next spring, when I’ll plant them in the garden again ….  but maybe choose their position a little more carefully! [blank]
[blank]Hope you are enjoying a colourful weekend, thank you for reading me.[blank]


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