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[blank]When I show my loot shoots, with pictures of  all the goodies that I or my clients have found in local brocante fairs, I am often asked ” but how are you going to use it?”, or “what do you do with all this stuff?”
And therein lies the dilemna.  Of course a lot of the treasure I find is sold on, and finds a new home on another continent, but there are things that I like to keep … for a while … or for ever.
Books are plentiful on the fairs here.  Antique, vintage, you can buy them individually or by the meter.  And for me the book is the perfect example of how brocante style gives new life to  an object.[blank]
[blank]Of course the first use of a book is to be read!  To be devoured even, but even the greediest bookworm may find their appetite fading after a few pages of an 18th century legal dictionary!
  That is when the book becomes an object in its own right, a thing of beauty to be displayed alone or among other beautiful objects, and even to serve a whole new purpose, like this pile of antique reference books, piled up as a side-table.[blank]


[blank] Books can be colour coded to great effect, particularly when they have soft covers in beautiful hues that can only improve with age.

I know I rarely manage to  walk past a pile of blue, green or grey books, they are just screaming out to be displayed.  I love this picture with the white ironstone and old books standing out against the pale blue background.[blank]

[blank]And then you have the vintage books, with their colourful and decorative colours that give a totally different style and mood.[blank]

[blank]Their covers make you want to settle into a big armchair in front of the fire, a cup of tea or glass of wine in easy reach.  Their style seems comforting, old fashioned and quite feminine.[blank]

[blank]I know there are many book lovers among my readers, so tell me, are you happy using books as props, or will you only keep the ones you can read?[blank]

[blank]Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
All pictures via Pinterest


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