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[blank]Industrial furniture is all the rage here and has been for years now.  The French love to mix it with more traditional antiques and blend it into a chic, modern oh-so-French interior design.[blank]
[blank]These large wooden drawers, tables and cabinets are commonly called “meubles de metier” and are highly sought after.[blank]
[blank]’Meubles de metier’ is strangely difficult to translate – it has a more artisan meaning than just ‘industrial’, I suppose you could say ‘furniture for professional use’, be it from a store, a workshop, a tool shop.[blank]


[blank]I thought you may like to see some of the really lovely pieces that I have encountered over the past few months.  Some of theme cleaned and polished and ready to go, and others needing some serious TLC.[blank]
[blank]I’m collecting these pictures because I’m on the look out for a piece for my own kitchen, and wander from dealer to fair to warehouse with a list of dimensions to hand![blank]


What do you think?  Is there anything here that you’d love to have in your home?

pictures 2,3, 5 via Bords de Scene


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