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It has been a while since I showed you any houses that are for sale here in Normandy, but I think you will love this one, that a friend has put on the market.

This charming little 19th century house is in a romantic, rose filled garden, down a tiny lane.    At the end of the garden is a river, and evenings here are quiet and balmy.



This is the cottage that tales are written for and about.   Roses tumble down the stairs on the side of the guest house, and more roses cover the terrace with a fragrant arbor.

It is not a large property, but it has four small bedrooms upstairs, which the new owner may well convert  into two big rooms with ensuite bathrooms.

Ceilings are low and cosy, and the beams of the house are visible in most rooms.

Downstairs there is a wood burner in the sitting room and also in the dining room

The kitchen was converted from the old porch and is bright and cheerful.  As you can see the owners are in the process of emptying the house so it hasn’t been ‘staged’ for any photos, but buyers can see it is as a clean canvas, just waiting for them to create their own magic.

The cottage is in a charming village along the Eure valley, and surrounded by beautiful old houses.  In the centre of the village is the church, town hall and school, and at the other end lies a beautiful 18th century château.

If you want more information you are welcome to  shoot me an email and I’ll pass your questions on to the owner.   As always, I hasten to add that I am not a real estate agent, and that I do not stand to benefit from the sale … other than the opportunity to show you some pretty pictures!

Aah … the things I do for this blog!




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