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Sometimes you don’t need a reason to put together some flowers, other than that you enjoy it.  That is what happened here.  We have had too much rain this past week and the roses and peonies were not looking best pleased.  The best solution was to bring some indoors and enjoy them close up.

I filled a couple of trugs with cuttings and dug out an old 3-tier cake stand that I hadn’t used for years.  The cake stand makes for quite an elaborate arrangement, and I had no special occasion but hey!  so what?!

This arrangement could be used for a table where you need something showy that doesn’t take up too much space on the table.

I balanced a plate on each level of the cake stand, with a block of water filled green foam on each one.

As the backdrop to the pink peonies and various roses I used fennel leaves; raspberry leaves; euphorbia; ladies mantle; and nigella.

Once the florists foam was partly hidden, I started adding the huge pink blooms, then simply built them up evenly until every angle of the stand was worth a visit.

Of course this arrangement won’t last for long – florist foam is not the same as water in a vase –  but no matter, I like ephemera ….. I hope you do too.


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