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handpainted lables on seed packets

Fourth Saturday in the month and this week it is my turn to give away!    I am asked so often about the huge annual poppies that grow in my garden that I have gathered the seeds and made  little personalised packets to give away to ten readers.

These poppies grow over a metre high, and once you have them they will self seed each year.  All the seeds should be this double variety, and will come up either pink or purple.

large purple double poppy

Incidentally, I apologize to the real artists among you, I don’t think for a minute that these little watercolours qualify as  ‘art’, they are just something I do when I give seeds to friends here, so I thought I’d do the same for the giveaway!

handpainted lables on seed packets

To enter the giveaway, and win a packet of seeds posted to you in one of the little handmade sachets, with the watercolour label tied on the front, just leave a comment below.

large purple double poppy

In your comment I would love you to tell me what you prefer to see on the blog, and what you would like to see more of:  do you enjoy the garden shots; the french girlfriend series; my recipes; tales of french village life or do you like to hear about the antics of those mutts?

handpainted lables on seed packets

Do you want more brocante, or more french interiors?   … I would love to know, merci !

large pink double poppy

The winners will be subscribers to the blog, so if you don’t subscribe already then now is the moment!  And, I would love it if you could check out my instagram page too!

The winners will be drawn next Saturday when I announce the final and highly  spectacular giveaway of this holiday month!

handpainted lables on seed packets

And finally the winner of Vicki Archer’s antique bed linen is ………..

Christine Wirth in Wisconsin, USA

Congratulations Christine, Vicki and I will be writing to you by email.

large pink  double poppy



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