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I have been missing in action for the past week, the first time (apart from the holidays) that it’s happened in five years of blogging, and I have to admit that it felt pretty strange.

I was in the south of France, tending to my family;  important stuff that will always take the priority.  Of course I could have had my camera with me wherever I went, and clicked to post a show-and-tell on the blog …. but I didn’t.   It is important for my family to know that I can turn off my blogger switch when required, and that some moments are just more precious when they are kept private.

But of course, it hasn’t stopped me thinking about the blog, and why I love to blog so much.

We have been hearing for a while now, that blogging is fading, to be replaced by the quicker fix of pictures on facebook and instagram.

This week, I have been able to put that theory to the test;  I have posted each day to the facebook page or to my instagram account …. but you know what?  for me, it simply is not the same.

Turns out that my little private week with my dear ones has been a very interesting experiment, one that has helped me understand more about why I blog.  It gave me the distance required to reflect.


So here we go, for what it’s worth, my two cents on what motivates me to blog …..

1.  I love the communication!

I continue to be thrilled and fascinated by the  ease with which I can share with and learn from readers and fellow bloggers all over the planet.

2.  I love to learn from other bloggers

Not only about blogging but also from their lifestyle.  The talent that is revealed through blogs is quite astounding – remind me again, what did we do before internet?!

3.  I enjoy writing

It took a blog for me to understand this, but it turns out, that writing is demanding, rewarding and fun!

4.  I love to share my photos

In the same way that I can be out with a friend and point out something beautiful, so I love to share on the net the pictures I take each day

5. I love to keep busy

Blogging gives me deadlines to meet, there is a pressure to create each day; to invent, to find new ideas and I just love that stimulation

6.  blogging is the best professional tool

This little blog has taken me down some unexpected paths, and actually become a full time occupation.   My brocante tours, our guest cottage and now of course the book;  each of these new activities have grown organically and  find their place quite naturally on the blog.

It is not by chance that large companies annexe blogs to their websites, they provide a tool to reach people that no other site can match.

7.  blogging has brought some wonderful encounters

True bloggers are sociable animals.  We may spend a lot of time alone in front of a screen, but when given the chance we just love to put faces to names and meet each other for real.

The blog has not only brought me some real friendships with other bloggers, it has also brought the most wonderful people to our home, either as brocante buyers; journalists; publishers or simply guests to our cottage.  For someone living in the quiet countryside of deepest Normandy, it is nothing short of a miracle to have such interesting people turn up on my door step.

8.  blogging gives me street credibility

As an empty-nester and a former-VERY-hands-on mum, this is a time of life when it would be easy to feel redundant and out of touch.    I absolutely love the way that using my blog and other social media keeps me on my toes.  It gives me a passport into places and situations that I would otherwise only observe from afar.    In today’s world, whether we like it or not, being active on social media is respected and useful.   And hey!  as a bonus,  my children think their Mum is cool!

So now I have shared my motivation, I’d love to hear from you.  Has blogging, or simply reading blogs brought something unexpected into your life?   Has it changed your daily routine, or brought you new friends?

Please tell me your side of the story …. thank you for reading me …. it’s nice to be back.




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