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house with white shutters

This time last year I was busy writing and taking photos for my book about my French girlfriends.  Happy times that have left me with plenty of wonderful  memories  of our photo shoots all over France.

At each girlfriends house, while my photographer Franck Schmitt clicked away, I was busy styling and also filming short videos.

I was aware of what a privilege it was, getting inside the homes of these exceptional women, and that when the book was ready, I’d want to share some of my favourite things with you.

Determined to include women from all walks of life and from different regions, ages and lifestyles, the photo-shoots turned out to be a veritable tour de France.  In the company of the various girlfriends, I walked along mountain rivers; ate seafood by the ocean; rode horseback in Paris; enjoyed breakfast outside châteaux in the sunshine of Provence and enjoyed many many other wonderful moments.

You know how within your group of girlfriends, each one has a different talent, something that makes her special.  So it was with these women.  Whether we were in a cottage in Normandy; a chic apartment in Paris;  breathtaking vineyards in Champagne or an artists studio in the centre of France, there was always something that made my heart beat a little faster and made me more and more excited about the book.

Here is a video of a few of those special experiences, I hope you enjoy.  And a special thank you to Clem Beatz, a French artist, who generously gave me permission to use his track ‘Lazy’ for the video.


The book is release on 1 August next, to pre-order just follow the link HERE.


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