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  • white dorothy rose, my french country home


I’ve had quite a few emails asking me how the parterres are doing … thank you!

parterre beds in front of my french country home

Here are some pictures taken today.  It rained all night so it was all a bit squelchy this morning, but you can see that the Lamium has filled out well around the borders, although I’m still not sure that I’ll be keeping that next year.  It will die back completely during the winter, whereas an evergreen like Ilex Crenata, or even Box, will create a clear outline all year around … Can you believe that a year in to this project and I still don’t know what I want around the edges!

white dorothy rose, my french country home

My White Dorothy weeping roses got off to a slow start, adjusting to their new home, but they have filled out a lot now, and seem to be giving slightly timid repeat flowerings.  Hopefully next year they shall come into their own and burst into white flower that will carry on all summer.

In case you weren’t around when I started talking about the parterres last summer, here are a couple of compare and contrast shots from last  July, this spring and today.


I scattered several packets of black Scabiosa, thinking they’d be great against the white veronica and blue geranium, but I only got a few plants, so I shall have to pay better attention next year.


And I have to report some illegal immigrants in my borders, in the tall and spiky shape of these Verbascum.  I am not a fan of yellow in the garden, but because I had some empty space , and because their leaves are a beautiful soft grey, and despite the fact they have self-seeded in a most haphazard manner, I have granted them asylum, on a three months non-renewable permit … after that they shall have to make other arrangements!


Voilà, a few flowers to give you an idea of how things are progressing, oh yes and a couple of photo bombs by you-know-who …  I don’t ask them to pose, I swear, they just see the camera and line up centre stage – anyone know a good animal agent?!



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