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Hopefully by this time of year, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, the garden will be contemplated from a distance, without requiring any real work.

In an ideal world the borders will have been put to bed for the winter a month or two ago, and the tools cleaned and put away to rest until the spring.

There is less need for the nailbrush as we are not getting our hands dirty, and no reason for backache because the wheelbarrow and forks are safely out of sight.


This however is the season for planning and dreaming.  For being inspired by magazines and books, and for laying out new colour schemes and plant combinations in our minds or on paper, where everything we plant grows beautifully and nothing needs watering!

It is also the season for sorting through seed packets.

As you can see from these pictures I have a special gift for buying seeds and forgetting to sow them.  In gardening stores I get caught up in the beautiful images of huge zinnias, never ending nigella and tall stately delphiniums.  The price tag is never high on a packet of seeds so I blithely and optimistically buy several at a time and carefully put them into my seed box where they look so neat and business like …. and then I forget all about them until next spring comes around and I realize that the seeds should have been sown in the fall.

This year is unlikely to be any different, so I thought that if I use my box of seeds as a photo prop for this little blog post, then at least they will not have been purchased  or collected for nothing.


The same goes for the packets of seeds that I make up from the garden here.   They take no time to do and are good for hostess gifts and, yes,  I always dutifully keep back a few packets for myself … to join the collection.

Of course the whole “I-must-sow-those-seeds” thing could have become part of my new year resolutions.    But …  well lets just say that with age I have become more realistic about my resolutions than about my capacity to sow seeds.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend and also enjoying some ‘armchair’ gardening.   Here’s to our dreaming!



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