I have a very poor sense of direction , and sometimes this means that I get lost ….   I have been lost on my own, and  with the dogs (not that they mind), I have even been lost while being guided by Mr Google and his maps.

I used to stress about getting lost, but that has changed.

I understood long ago that a lot of the best stuff happens when I get lost   The wrong path that leads to a hitherto undiscovered clearing in the forest, the erroneous turning that brings me up to a charming country church where I can take pictures and breath in some beauty; the wrong exit off a highway that leaves me outside a beautiful garden to visit.

I have a friend who is the same as me, in fact last year she took it one step further when  she accepted a work colleague’s invitation to dinner with his family.   She turned up at his house, complete with bottle of wine and bunch of flowers for his wife.  She was received graciously, the flowers put into a vase, and a glass of wine served … it wasn’t until the husband arrived home, and he wasn’t the work colleague that had invited her, that she realized she wasn’t at the right address ….. it is a witness to her personality and theirs that they are all now good friends.

And while it isn’t always convenient to go off track, off schedule, and generally off course, experience has taught me to remain open minded about the whole thing, and be prepared for good surprises.

It seems to me that this is a good metaphor for our lives too.  And for the reinvention theme that I like to chat about with you.   If we can relax about the idea that things may not go to plan, that we may wander and take an un-intended direction,  that the blueprint for our career; our marriage; our life; may change en route, then when the unexpected u-turn actually happens, could we find it easier to cope?

Of course losing a job, or saying goodbye to a marriage, or not knowing where to go next in life is very traumatic and difficult to cope with, but the longer we refuse to adapt and accept the new direction, the worse it is.

So I wondered if you think I am being very naive,  or whether this is your experience too.   Do you dread getting lost, do you have a perfect sense of direction and never get waylaid?  Or do you, like me, build in a little extra time when going somewhere new, so that if you do get lost …. you’ll be able to take a moment to enjoy the view?


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