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Most people think of raspberries as a mid-summer fruit, but I seem to have a variety that crops late, and that suits me just fine.

As we head through September I have trouble keeping up with my raspberry crop, they are working overtime to produce huge juicy fruit, that is calling out to me.

Some of the raspberries are picked and simply frozen on trays, ready to use as a raspberry coulis in the middle of winter, but of course the largest part of the crop is transformed into raspberry jam, a favourite in this house.


A favorite with me too, …. why?  Because nothing could be easier!

From me to you, this is the simplest jam recipe you will every find; foolproof and delicious.

one:  pick your raspberries

two:  weigh them

three:   measure out an equal weight of sugar

four:  tip sugar and fruit into a wide jam saucepan

five: bring to the boil, stir to make sure that the sugar and fruit is well mixed and pop a couple of saucers into the deep freeze for testing the jam

six:  make a quick phone call/put together a bouquet/ bring in your laundry from the garden ….. whatever ….  just wait for about 15 minutes then stir the bubbling fruit mix and spoon a little on to one of the cold plates

seven:  wait a minute then push the ‘jam’ with your finger.  If it crinkles then you are done!  If it is still very fluid then let it boil a few minutes more.

eight:   with raspberry jam you are looking for a fresh, summer flavour, so be sure not to over cook the fruit.   Once you think it is ready to set then turn off the heat and let it cool a little before ladling into warm glass jars (I always put mine in the dishwasher before I’m going to make jam to be sure they are clean and warm)

nine:  leave to  cool

ten: label, tie down, gift, whatever ….  what is sure is that you will enjoy!


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