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autumn eggs and ham

As we move through autumn with the shorter days and windy weather, blowing all sorts of beautiful colour and leaves around the valley, I find myself longing for a little autumn comfort food.

This is great for a snack or a light supper, especially if you can find some delicious fresh mushrooms and add them to the mix.

For four people , or for two hungry people!:

four eggs

four large spoons of thick cream

two potatoes peeled and diced

a cup of diced ham or bacon

2 cups of fresh mushrooms

parsley, salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 150°C or 300°F and place a bain marie pan in the oven, half filled with warm water.     Butter the ramekins

In a pan, soften the mushrooms in a little butter or olive oil and cook them gently until  any liquid has evaporated and they are starting to brown.    In a separate pan place a few cubes of potatoes in a little oil, and cook gently

Share the mushrooms between your ramekin dishes and add a spoon full of thick cream on top of the mushrooms, sprinkle a little salt and pepper.   Break each egg carefully, letting the white of the egg slip in to the ramekin, and saving the yolk in the shell to one side.

Pop the ramekins into the oven for six minutes.  While the ramekins are cooking check the potatoes in the pan, they should be almost cooked by now.   Add the cubes of ham or bacon and mix into the potatoes without crushing them.   Add a little fresh chopped parsley, and if you wish a little crushed garlic, continue to cook on a high heat, stirring all the time.

The six minutes should be up by now,  Take the ramekins out of the oven and gently add the egg yolks without breaking them,  return the ramekins  to the oven for two minutes more.

Remove the ramekins from the oven, and gently add the potatoes, sharing equally between each little pot.   Serve with the ramekin standing on a plate.  Serve straight away with a little side salad if you wish.





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