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This is a big day here at My French Country Home!   After months of planning, and dreaming, and imagining and searching, we are finally launching the new website My Stylish French Box (a sister site to MFCH), aiming to bring a selection of French goodies from my home to yours.  I say ‘we’ because without the help of Hana, who’s been working with me, I’d never have managed to pull through!

To start with, we are shipping to clients in the US, and to certain European countries, but we hope very soon to expand and make the box available in other countries too.  The contents of the first box follow the theme of taking your time and indulging yourself and include products from Cire Trudon and Fragonard, as well as some more confidential french creators.     We are teasing pictures of the contents on the new website.


The project has been exciting because it has evolved.  The more I thought about which  products I wanted to share, the more I focussed on unique French brands and creators who work with passion, and set the standard high.    Little by little the concept came together; the logo, the packaging, shipping requirements, choosing the products, meeting with creators and presenting our project.  It has been a steep learning curve, but I have loved every minute!

Looking for these products has taken me all over Paris but also out into the country or further south.   And I have been fortunate to be welcomed with open arms by the brands that have become our partners.  Several are even producing unique items just for our box.

So without more ado,  I invite you to pop over to the new website, specially built for the boxes and take a look around.   You are welcome to sign up for a year and receive the next four boxes, or just purchase one box for yourself or as  a gift for a friend.

Thank you for your enthusiastic response as we have teased the box on social media over the past couple of weeks ….. your public and private support has been amazing!



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