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  • antique glasses in my stylish french box
  • watercolour in my stylish french box
  • displayed contents of my stylish french box
  • cire trudon candles in My Stylish French Box
  • white coffee cup in My Stylish French Box
  • notebooks and pencils in My Stylish French Box
  • pink raununculus

displayed contents of my stylish french box

The first edition of My Stylish French Box has now been delivered and at last I can bring you the promised reveal of the contents.   Some people have questioned our decision not to reveal the contents until after the box has arrived with clients, I understand their point of view, but I still love the concept of the surprise gift box.  The unwrapping of the individual items, the anticipation of what the box will contain.

If you are not familiar with our new subscription box, My Stylish French Box is a quarterly gift box, filled with authentically French goodies, curated by me with you in mind.     The boxes are shipped in February, May, August and November , and our clients are already all over the world.

Boxes can be purchased as a one-off or as an annual or quarterly subscription.   It’s also possible to purchase as a gift and have the box directly delivered to a friend or spouse.  If you need more information you are welcome to check out the box website and of course you can email with any questions.

pink raununculus

Each of the quarterly boxes are on a different, seasonal theme.   Our first box was ‘Taking the Time’, and the May box will be all about roses and gardens.   We aim to include in the box four main gifts, for you and for your home, plus a couple of smaller items just for fun.   Our items are either made by iconic French brands, or by smaller  French artisans.  Wherever possible we will also include a brocante item, because as you know we love the authenticity of an antique piece.

So here without more ado is what the February box contained:

A  divine smelling candle by Cire Trudon, accompanied by one of their scented wax cameos in its own blue box

cire trudon candles in My Stylish French Box

A handmade coffee cup with a gold leaf detail by the French ceramist Justine Lacoste;

white coffee cup in My Stylish French Box

A guest book and a small note book by Merci Louis accompanied by two crayons with the words “prendre le temps” (taking your time) embossed in gold lettering;

notebooks and pencils in My Stylish French Box

A box of delicious Fragonard soaps with a pretty Paris themed design on the lid;

fragonard soaps in my stylish french box

Three antique liqueur glasses which are perfect for displaying single blooms

antique glasses in my stylish french box

And last, but certainly not least, a limited edition print of a watercolour by Jeanne MacKay Hartmann, whose love of flowers and Paris fits our box perfectly.   Jeanne has produced a small series of watercolours for the box, so if you buy the first four boxes, you will have a lovely set of prints to frame at the end of the year.   Annual subscribers also receive a small set of notecards with Jeanne’s watercolour.

All of these goodies arrive packaged with ribbons and tissue paper and protected in a beautiful white box that can be used as a storage box  in a wardrobe.   Should any items arrive damaged during transport, clients are invited to contact us and we will do everything we can to replace the damaged item promptly.

my stylish french box

Orders are now open for the May box, click here to choose your purchase, and receive your box on your doorstep in May.


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