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While I’m travelling this week, signing books and meeting so many kind and wonderful people, finding myself in a very different culture to back home in the normandy countryside, and yet connecting so easily, I’ve been thinking about the words and symbols that we use as universal language.

We know that a smile is universally understood and I don’t see how that could be wrong

Some say that flowers are a universal language, and I can hardly argue with that either.   This whole trip was initiated by an invitation to talk about my garden and  arrange flowers at the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha next week,  and today I’ll be talking at the North Haven Gardens in Dallas.

But actually this week, as I meet so many new people during this book tour, I’m amazed at how many tell me why they read the blog and which posts or pictures have touched them most deeply, and the theme that is mentioned again and again is that of reinvention.

I’ve been touched by many of the personal stories that people have shared with me, how and when they came to a point in their own lives when it was time to reinvent and start again, or simply to grow some fresh shoots in a new direction.  It feels like such an appropriate thing to talk about in the spring when all around us the gardens are starting a new season of blooms.

Yesterday it was my particular pleasure to talk alongside my friend Audrey Friedman, who writes the blog and runs the online brocante store, French Vintage Home.   Audrey lives in Dallas part of the year, and in her 15th century chateau in France for the rest of the time.   This is a wonderful tale of reinvention.  She has been a hugely successful business woman, and she sold her linen company when she thought she was ready to retire …. but it turned out she wasn’t!   This lovely lady is mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and today she hops from one continent to the other, buying antiques, enjoying life, and exploring this latest stage of her own reinvention.   It has been a privilege and a joy to get to know her better while in Dallas.

I hope that wherever you are today, you are enjoying some new shoots of interest in your daily life….  have a lovely weekend


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