january flowers - MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME

Here are my January flowers, in my brand new vase that was one of my very favourite Christmas gifts , something that my husband kindly slipped beneath the tree for me.  I’d been looking at these iconic Tse & Tse tube vases for years, and now I have one, YAY!

Since Christmas it has been on my kitchen window sill, with assorted festive flowers, but today I wanted a touch of Spring, and a I splashed out on some tulips and Antirrhinums from the florists.  I added a couple of purple carnations too, and voila.  This vase can be used as a long line, or as a curve or even scrunched up in a dense group.  I am loving it.

So here are my January flowers for you, I’ll be doing this every month, showing you what is either in season in my garden, or during these winter months, what my florist has to offer.  How about you, what flowers are you finding right now?


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