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With the passing years, or rather decades ahem!, I make fewer and fewer new year resolutions.   As a young girl, every January saw me with a brave new list, of nigh-on impossible tasks.  With the energy and resolve that only someone under 20 can deploy, I managed to see some of them through, and today I look back on that younger girl, amazed that she gave up chocolate for a whole year, or ran every day come rain or shine.

Today I’m more realistic;  ambitious in different ways.  I prefer the notion of taking stock of where I am, rather than planning for the impossible.

And while I have never really got the hang of meditation –  it’s the sitting still that is problematic there – I can definitely find the time and mental space to reflect on where I’ve been over the past year, and where I’d like to head this year.  A useful exercise for focussing the mind, and the diary, on the year before us, looking down the path ahead and wondering what is over that next horizon, or just around that bend.

winter country road

Obviously the fact that this blog and My Stylish French Box have now become a full time job has a huge influence on my thinking.  At a stage in life where many of my girlfriends have all the time in the world to lunch together, shop, play tennis or travel, I  discover that I have actually gone back to work!  Who knew that would happen?!  Of course I love my new activity and I wouldn’t change a thing, but sometimes I guess I feel a little out of sync with my peers.

I’m interested  to know how you feel about this stage in life, as I’m sure that many of my readers are in a similar age bracket, or getting closer.     Is being in step with your friends important to you?  Important enough for you to turn down an opportunity for fear of rocking the boat or missing out on their fun?

And back to the new year resolutions or lack of them …. a big part of my mindfulness at the start of 2018, is being more aware of how we treat our planet; limiting my carbon footprint, and careful about recycling and saving energy.  I worry about the world that my grandchildren will one day inherit, and the only way for us to try to preserve them is for each of us to live carefully,  mindful of our environment.

So how about you?   Do you draw up and stick to a list of resolutions, or are you happy to go with the flow, and keep a vaguer target in mind on the far horizon?  Do let me know, I’d love to hear.

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