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My intention was at the beginning of this bright new year to bring you my monthly flowers, that I would have carefully nurtured and plucked from my garden, before arranging and shooting just for you.

But sometimes the best laid plans ….. well, you know how it goes.  The truth is that in February the only thing I have in the garden are my snowdrops, thousands of them, but each time I’ve picked some and brought them inside I forgot to take photos.

So here for you are some flowers that I did actually shoot in February, in the freezing cold, when we were preparing the Spring chapters for my Entertaining book, but I cheated on the source.   This arrangement was only possible because I have an amazing florist close by who checked off my wishlist at the wholesale market, and came back with swathes of peonies, lilac, roses, viburnum, ranunculus and some branches of budding hazelnut.

The aim of this exercise was to show how to make a spectacular arrangement without getting complicated.   The trick is to use several vases and to arrange the flowers and different heights.   Each vase taken individually is simply a few stems, arranged upright, but by using different sized vases, and either grouping them loosely, or even lining them up, the effect is wonderful.

This system works just as well with wild flowers, such as Queen Anne’s Lace, euphorbia, lupins, or even branches of blossom.    Ideal for those moments when you need to make an impact!

Wishing you a beautiful week, with some flowers thrown in along the way!

photos by Franck Schmitt for My French Country Home

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