the big bouquet - celebrating may - MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME

The garden is a pretty exciting place at this time of year, and a great moment to make a big bouquet.   Everywhere seems to be exploding in new growth, fresh colours, fantastic light and the promise of a fine season to come.

In this month of May, the dominant plant is of course the wisteria climbing up the front of the house, but also the colombines, the snowball verbena and the budding orange blossom or philadelphus.


This much exuberance outside makes me want to bring the spring indoors, and what better way to do that than with a very big bouquet.    I pulled out my new, actually very old but new to me, big vase and started cutting long branches all over the garden.

Wisteria in a vase is a wonderful thing.   It will only last a couple of days, but seeing it up close and personal is a very different thing to admiring the whole plant climbing a wall.

I used flowering rosemary branches to give the first structure and give some strength to the bouquet, then started pushing in the longer blooms.

Et voila!    A very big bouquet that will dominate my entrance hall for the next couple of days and is already filling the house with sweet perfume.  How about you?  Do you also create oversized bouquets now and again and if so with which flowers?


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