MFCH Table Talks: Vicki Archer

by ally redmond


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Welcome back to my “MFCH Table Talks” series!

Last Saturday, I went Live on Instagram with my talented and inspirational friend, Vicki Archer – a writer, blogger, renowned influencer and Queen of Style. A reference for chic living at any age, Vicki’s readers and fans trust her judgement and rely on her to be ahead of (and keep them up to date on) all the latest trends.

Did you miss our Live? Listen to the full conversation via my podcast below!

Both Vicki and I have been blogging and writing online for many years now. She lives between London and Provence, and we often meet as she travels from one to the other. She also has a beautiful hotel in St Remy.

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Whenever we can, we meet up in Paris for long (very long!) lunches or breakfasts. For me, these are truly precious occasions. It’s rare to have a friend with whom you can chat so openly. We love to talk about our families, our writing, our businesses and many other things, too.

Vicki’s first book – My French Life – was met with huge success and rapidly brought her an international audience. Her second book – French Essence – is a beautiful coffee table book that has been sold around the world. And she’s still writing more! This week she published a new e-book – Better, Not Younger.  Vicki naturally coined this mantra as she spoke to her feminine audience, encouraging and helping them to grow older gracefully, confidently and in great style.

In this episode, you’ll hear Vicki and I chat about how we’ve seen the blogging world evolve over last decade, her love of St Remy and southern France, her new-book (and the accompanying mantra) and living stylishly and confidently at any age.

Click to listen:

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Ensure you’re always up to date on trends by following Vicki on Instagram @vickiarcher and checking out her website.

Find Vicki’s new e-book  here – Better, Not Younger.

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For more conversations with strong women who inspire me, follow my podcast “MFCH Table Talks.” 


Irene G Peterson May 8, 2020 - 8:04 pm

promotional code for “better not younger” not given.

The Enser Establishment May 9, 2020 - 8:14 am

Beautiful pictures!!

Carol May 10, 2020 - 7:16 am

Hi Sharon,

I follow you on Instagram and gave it my best shot many times today (Saturday, May 9th) to access the MFCH Table Talk with Vicki Archer, but alas, I was unsuccessful. I was so looking forward to this live talk. I would be very grateful for your help in advising me
what to do to view the video before time runs out tomorrow. Thank you so much! Happy Mother’s Day to you from the USA!

Audrey May 10, 2020 - 11:28 am

I have noticed the above comment, as mine is the same. I cannot access the podcast with Vicki Archer, and as I have followed her blog for quite some time and have her books, I was looking forward to hearing her in conversation with Sharon.

Tamara May 10, 2020 - 8:54 pm

Me too- how do we hear Vicki’s podcast! Love u both!!! Serendipity to have you both at once!

Kerry Barling May 11, 2020 - 2:36 am

Me too

Judy Lambert May 15, 2020 - 6:58 pm

A very enjoyable podcast with Vicki Archer! It catapulted me into a different space during this period of isolation to have a visit with you both. Thank you.

Andrina May 29, 2020 - 7:09 am

Beautiful podcast listening to two like minded souls laugh and chat about life. I especially love the fact that Vicki still has her Aussie accent.Thank you so much for this Sharon, you bring us all so much joy.

Nettie July 12, 2020 - 9:02 pm

Wonderful to listen to you both! I’m at the moment again reading through Vickie’s “My French Life”. Thanks so much for all of the inspiration… makes my life brighter and fuller.

Barbara August 17, 2021 - 11:56 pm

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