the january edition of the MFCH magazine

by Sharon Santoni

Have you seen the latest edition of the MFCH magazine? It is stunning! We took the opportunity at the start of the new year to refresh the layout of the magazine as it enters its fourth year!

As usual we have included images from inspirational french homes, including a family ski chalet, a beautiful Parisian apartment and a country home in Burgundy.

We bring you a regional guide, focused around the city of Annecy in the east of France close to teh Swiss border. And if you are going to be in Paris this winter, we give you the low down on Parisian hotels that offer the luxury of an open fire, the best place to sit and enjoy a chocolat chaud.

There is a feature about the tradition of the Aubusson tapestry, and a breathtaking portfolio with images from the Cotentin coastline.

For those of you who received our MFCH Box in November, and are looking for recipes to make in your mini-cocotte that was included in the box, food stylist Eve Cardi has put together a selection of ideas.

We also have our regular features about French business women, ideas for garden seating and a visit to the tropical greenhouse of Jacques Garcia in Normandy, which contains 200 year old ferns.

A huge thank you to our growing community of readers both for the print and the digital version of the magazine. In these crazy times, it is not a small thing to publish a magazine every two months, and it fills us with joy that so many of you subscribe or purchase copies in Barnes & Noble and elsewhere.

We also send big love to our stockists, and elite selection of boutiques around the world who carry our edition and help us to spread the word. To see the full list of vendors, click here.

We are looking forward to bring you more beauty in 2022, and have many more surprises to come! And exceptionally this year, a complimentary copy of the MFCH Magazine will be included in our February and May edition of our MFCH Subscriiption box. See the box here


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