Paris step by step – the 3rd arrondissement

Continuing my tour of Paris, with some addresses you may find useful for your next visit.

I love the third arrondissement – it is chic, it is loved by Parisians, the place for culture vultures, the place to be parisian, the place to seek out little known private galleries, to eat on café terraces, the place to re-discover Picasso and enjoy the sixties throw back at the Pompidou, a place to wander, a place to get lost …..

Among my favourite addresses  …  and in no particular order ….

the Picasso museum at the Hotel Salé,  it has been closed for renovation for two years, will be re-opened this June – YAY!  a wonderful museum, in a 17th century building, great place to go with children, plenty of light and space and not so big that you lose the will to live …

the Pompidou centre – how can you come to Paris and not visit the Pompidou?!   A 60′s architectural monstrosity but I love it – enjoy the exhibitions that open late at night, enjoy the view over Paris from the top floor, enjoy the café in the same place , and this year until June especially enjoy the Cartier Bresson show ….


and for the history of Paris, don’t miss the Musee Carnavelet

a place to wander … the rue Charlot, full of galleries and quirky clothes shops and hip restaurants …

the Passage Moliere for its edgy design boutiques, and book shops and places to sit and enjoy a coffee ….

if you are interested in the links between French and Swedish decorative styles, then don’t miss the Swedish Institute at the Hotel de Marle, 11 rue Payenne.   Great café too!

where to stay? … for somewhere special and intimate – complete with chocolate labradors – that feels  more like visiting privileged friends than staying in a B&B then head to the Marais House ….

If you are a fan of Christian Lacroix, then stay in the hotel he decorated, le Petit Moulin, high in colour and well positioned for visiting on foot …

and where to eat… so much choice here!  … Les Enfants Rouge for a fun and authentically French cuisine , or Dessances for desserts, desserts and more desserts!


and if after all this walking and visiting and eating you woudl just like to sit down and enjoy some calm, then head to the Jardin Saint Gilles Grand Veneur, rue de Hesse, and simply enjoy the roses!


I’ll be back next week with some ideas for visiting the 4th!

my valley naturally photoshopped


Out and about this week on my first photo shoots for the book – SO exciting!  But each evening I come home to this bright yellow photo-shopped valley, with its patchwork fields of canola, that is frankly quite intoxicating.


So today I am just bringing you a couple of shots from my evening walks – the very best therapy I know for mulling over the day and thinking things through!


Hope you’re having a good week too, thank you for reading me