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In the second of the French Country Design series, where I team up with four other blogs to talk to you about ideas for bringing French elements of design for your home.



Today our theme is collections with a French feel.  I find that I collect some items long term, and others I’ll collect for a while and then disband before moving on to something else.


Two that I have been collecting for a while are the antique family soup tureens, and tiny liqueur glasses.


I love the tureens because they are so representative of traditional French homes.  Two generations ago, every family had their white tureen standing proudly on a table or a shelf.  The tureens that I find here in fairs range in size and age, some up to 150 years old, but they are all plain white with the traditional domed lid.

I like to show them behind wire mesh cabinet doors for the way the light catches on their nuances of white and off white.

I collect liqueur glasses  because I use them for flower display.  I love to scatter individual blooms on the dinner table, and to use these tiny glasses  is ideal.  They allow me to place single flowers all over the table without getting in the way of serving platters and flatware.


If you would like to see the collections of the other bloggers then just pop over to the links below, I’m sure they have some wonderful pieces to share with you.



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