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gibson and ghetto beside christmas tree

Well this is something of a tradition now!  A kitsch christmas card from Gibson and Ghetto to wish you all the very happiest of Christmas Holidays.

Things haven’t quite been going to plan over the past few week, and my carefully thought through schedule has been thrown off-track by unexpected visits to hospitals; burst pipes (the two are not related!); run away dogs and the earlier-than-expected arrival of all the family.


My Christmas tale has not been forgotten though, it simply got a little lost in the blur of things, but you will be able to come back and read it this weekend.

Thank you so much for reading me through the year.  Thank you for your kind and generous emails, for your lovely comments.    Your response is what makes writing my blog worthwhile.



2015 is going to be an exciting year with the book published in the autumn and with new brocante tours planned for the spring and the fall.  There will be other surprises to share with you before then, and Gibson and Ghetto have promised to make life as much fun as possible for us all – YAY!


I wish you all a wonderful Christmas with those you hold most dear.

PS  If you click on the smaller pictures they move!!


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